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fuckin' hell

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i am so far in the stars
try and catch me.

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...you cant handle this bitch . [;*

im everywhere im anywhere i cant handle life.
im infuckingsane.
i never know what im talking about and
i never know what im doing.
i fuck everything up.
but that is how i roll and i fucking love it.
, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, abercrombie, acid, afi, against me!, alkaline trio, american eagle, animals, anti-hate, as i lay dyinh, baltimore, beach, beads, beerpong, being happy, being held, being intoxicated, being loved, blunts, bob marley, bongs, boobies, boys, bracelets, brand new, brandon boyd, bright eyes, cigarettes, coffee, concerts, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave mathews band, deftones, democrat, drinking, drugs, drum & bass, e, everclear, everything, everytime i die!, fake fur, fashionxxxcore, fells point, flip flops, food, friends, from autumn to ashes, fruit, glassjaw, glitter, glow sticks, grain alcohol, gwen stefani, hair dye, hampsters, happy hardcore, hats, hemp, horse the band, hot pink, hugs, ice cream, incubus, jack johnson, jimmy buffett, john mayer, jungle, kinky, kissing, kotton mouth kings, led zeppelin, licking, lipgloss, lollipops, lords of acid, love, lynard skynard, masturbation, metal core, midnite blue, msi, music, natty boh, nature, nipples, norah jones, ocean city, open fields, orange juice, outside, partying, paul oakenfold, piercings, pillows, pink floyd, pink hair, plur, porn, pot, pulling hair, ragga, rain, rainbows, reading, requiem for a dream, rock, scrumping, sex, skateboarding, skyy blue, sleep, smoking, softball, soy, sparkles, spicy mustard, starbucks, stars, stellar, sublime, summer, summer romance, tattoos, the beatles, the get-up kids, the hives, the legend of zelda, the music, the ocean, the rolling stones, the sun, the used, third eye blind, thursday, tongue rings, tool, vodka, warehouses, water, weed, whipped cream, writing, zebrahead, zelko